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fun dive

Who is Bucket List Diver?

Bucket List Diver all began in 2016 when an idea turned into a plan and a plan turned into reality!!! How did it all begin? Kate and Antoni met while travelling in Central America, where they both fell in love with diving. Living in the Caribbean, teaching Scuba Diving and gaining plenty of experience. They…

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November 10, 2020

Women Dive Day

PADI International Women’s Dive Day is held all throughout the world on July 15th and so what better day to get a group of women together to celebrate diving, women in diving and just to have a bit of fun as well. We met at Ammo Jetty, one of the hot dive spots in Perth and…

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July 25, 2017

Diving Robb’s Jetty with the two girls behind KingPike

Valérie and Debby are two Advanced Diver backpackers writing their adventures on this travel blog; they freshly arrived in Perth. Eager to discover what hides under the water of Fremantle, they came for a splash last week for a shore dive in Robb’s Jetty Discovering a local shore dive : Robb’s Jetty Robb’s Jetty is…

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December 10, 2016