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PADI Open Water Course

Quick Details

  • Be over 14 years old
  • Be able to swim 200 meters non-stop and float for 10 minutes
  • Complete the PADI medical form and be fit to dive
  • You will need a vehicle to go to the pool and dive sites

Become a certified PADI diver while discovering wreck diving!

The PADI Open Water Course in Perth is designed to help you discover the underwater world and become a safe diver. The Course takes place in 3 days, includes a day of pool training,4 ocean dives and the PADI e-learning course.

The PADI certification is an awesome experience where you are going to learn skills that will follow lifelong. During the pool session, you learn how to set up and maintain your dive gear, including how to prepare your mask, wetsuit and fins. You will then learn several skills in the shallow water, like swimming with your gear or exchanging air with your buddy. Because we only take small groups, you get plenty of 1-to-1 time with your instructor to learn those skills and you do not waste time waiting for a big group!

The dives, that follow the pool session, are there for you to practice those important skills and get comfortable underwater. You will surprised how natural it gets after only a few dives!

But the best part of the shore dive is that we take time to explore the underwater world, look at fish and talk about what you have seen. Rottnest Island offers a beautiful underwater playground. There is caves, canyon and mountain pinnacles underwater that you would never have imagine. You can see the gorgeous Western Blue Devil, the funny damsel fish and plenty other sea creatures.

At the end of the course, you will be able to:

  • Dive independently with a buddy
  • Go no deeper than 18m
  • Respond to any accident happening during a dive
  • Control your buoyancy to optimize your experience
Standard Open Water Course Premium Open Water Course 1-on-1 Private Course
Price A$ 450 A$ 595 A$ 1195
Group Size up to 6 students per instructor up to 4 students per instructor Private instruction
Equipment All dive equipment included from head to toe!
Certification PADI Open Water Diver. Dive to 18 meters everywhere in the world
Theory Style PADI Digital Book and Video PADI Elearning PADI Elearning
Number of Shore Dives 4 shore dives 2 shore dives 4 shore dive
Number of Boat Dives 2 dives at Rottnest Island or on the Lena 2 Dives at Rottnest island, once certified
Duration 3 Days Course 3 Days Course Up to your schedule
Logbook type Online logbook Logbook Logbook
What do I need to buy? We do not sell gear! We are focused on your training and fun. No pressure to buy equipment!
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