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Women Dive Day

a person in a swimming pool

PADI International Women’s Dive Day is held all throughout the world on July 15th and so what better day to get a group of women together to celebrate diving, women in diving and just to have a bit of fun as well.women day

We met at Ammo Jetty, one of the hot dive spots in Perth and it was set out to be a little bit of a windy day so I checked the sea conditions and they were appearing to be a little on the windy side but ok. There were 9 ladies joining for the dive and so once we all got our gear sorted and dressed I gave them all a briefing on what to expect and what we could see at my favourite shore dive site.

By the time we had finished chatting and walking to the beach the wind had picked up. We made our way through the water and crashing waves. It was becoming a not very ideal situation to dive in. I told the girls to stay on the surface and dropped to 2m. Nothing! I couldn’t even see my pressure gauge! Dive Cancelled.

All wet and disappointed we walked back to the car and were shortly greeted by our savior, Antoni. The great man had spent the morning preparing for us a delicious feast! Not only did we have hot coffee but also a beautiful layout of French Crepes, fruit salad, Nutella and strawberries. What more could a bunch of hungry girls ask for?

We enjoyed our delicious crepes (I personally went for mouth-watering Nutella and strawberries) and had a good chat and laugh. The week prior to the event we posted on Facebook a photo competition ‘What does diving mean to you’. The winner was rewarded a $50 voucher for Brazilian Butterfly and so when it was given out we joked about various things to get waxed…including nostril waxing.

With full bellies and happy faces we all left for the morning to do our own thing. Even though we didn’t get to go for a dive we were all happy and made new friends and a good laugh. We made the best out of our situation and will be diving again together again soon.