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Who is Bucket List Diver?

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Bucket List Diver all began in 2016 when an idea turned into a plan and a plan turned into reality!!!

How did it all begin?

Kate and Antoni met while travelling in Central America, where they both fell in love with diving. Living in the Caribbean, teaching Scuba Diving and gaining plenty of experience. They continued there travels and landed in Perth, Western Australia where they decided it was time to start thinking of create something of there own and becoming there own boss. Starting out small, with just 4 sets of dive gear they took divers for guided shore dives and Open Water and Advanced courses.

From here Bucket List Diver has grown to having bought our own beautiful boat, MoonshineII for all of our Scuba diving and Charters as well as running regular Club dives and even overnight trips!

What makes Bucket List Diver different from other Perth Dive Companies?

After years of working in the dive industry both overseas and in Perth, we found Perth to be lacking something in the diving community. We not only pride ourselves on having small group dive courses and charters but a personal service where you can feel well looked after and more like you are having a day out with friends as opposed to just a number. Our boat MoonshineII takes just 6 divers (or 8 if we do a single boat morning) and all of our trips we provide a FREE Dive Guide! We also look after you onboard offering extra customer service, like changing your tanks over after the first dive, so you can enjoy a coffee or the beautiful scenery on board instead of lugging your heavy dive gear onto the next tank, or helping you with your fins instead of struggling on the surface or in the water before exiting.

We also run Western Australia’s one and only Perth Women’s Dive Club. Started in 2016 by owner Kate, it was an opportunity for women divers to get together and dive once a month, to feel confident and comfortable without any hassle or pressure.

MoonshineII  Ladies Dive