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Dive Sites

Ammo Jetty Dive Site

Site Certification Level

Ammo Jetty is a perfect dive site for an Open Water Diver with a few dives under their weight belt, thought good control of your buoyancy is necessary as the bottom is easy to stir up. Navigation is easy, just follow the pylons and be careful not to knock any of the gorgeous branching coral as you move down the jetty.

Site Description

Located South of Port Coogee, Ammo Jetty is an easy and rich dive site for all local divers. It is no deeper than 9 meters and easy to navigate. You will find a shower and a bathroom near the car park.

Dive Site Location

At the end of the road, you will find two separate car park that both lead to the site. We generally meet diver on the left one.

Nyyerbup Cir Coogee WA 6166

Bulk Jetty Dive Site

Certification Level

For one of the prettiest shore dive sites in Perth, dive Bulk Jetty. You just require your PADI Open Water Certification.

Site Description

The dive site is located at the end of Risely Road in the Kwinana complex. There is always free car parks and room to set up your gear. From the car park to the shore there is a short walk to the beach (50 meters) and a short swim at the surface (50m) before you reach the 2 meters depth and start the dive. Under the jetty, you will find a gentle slope bringing you no deeper than 8 meters.


At the end of Risely Road in Kwinana.

Cockburn Sound, Riseley Rd, Kwinana Beach WA 6167, Australia

Robbs Jetty Dive Site

Certification Level

Once you find it, it’s easy to dive Robb’s Jetty. Navigation to get there can be quite hard, but the dive itself suits an experienced Open Water or a fresh Advanced Diver. Good control of your buoyancy is required as some boat traffic is present and you want to be able to stay close to the bottom at all times.

Robb’s Jetty was built in 1921 to help with the transport of cattle for an abattoir. The Jetty was dismantled in 1994 and divers can explore the remaining pylons and debris underwater.

The site is no more than 8 meters deep and is relatively flat. Once on the jetty itself the the site is quite big and makes a nice long dive.


We suggest parking at the car park off Mc Taggart Cove, as it is safer and has some toilet and shower facility. The Mc Taggart Cove car park is a longer walk than the Robb Rd car park, but much safer with CCTV cameras.

North Coogee WA 6163, Australia

Kwinana Grain Terminal Dive Site

Certification Level

It’s extremely easy to dive Kwinana Grain Terminal (KGT). It requires basic skill in Navigation (you follow the jetty) and is shallow. Perfect for a new Open Water Diver. Occasional bad visibility can be the only challenge.

Located a short 5min drive from Rockingham and on Kwinana beach, KGT is an easy and rich dive site for all local divers. It is no deeper than 9 meters and easy to navigate by keeping underneath the jetty. You will find a basic outdoor shower in the car park but no other facilities. There are more facilities a short drive down the road.

The bottom is mostly a rough sand that will stir a little bit if kicked.


If you come from Rockingham, the entry of the car park is just after you pass the Jetty. You should be on the north side of the Jetty.

CBH Kwinana Grain Terminal