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Rottnest Island Scuba Diving

Quick Details

  • Complementary Dive Guide
  • Small group, our boat takes up to 12 divers
  • Includes $12 Rottnest Island Fees
  • Fully Equipped vessel: hot shower, toilet, freshly roasted coffee, great variety of teas and warm lunch (we cater for your dietary requirement)
  • You need to be a certified Open Water and have done a dive in the last 12 months
Diver Ages 14+

Enjoy a fun day of scuba diving at Rottnest island

The turquoise waters of Rottnest reveal to the divers multitudes of fish species. Composed of limestone, the reef is full of caves and swim-throughs, making every dive in Rottnest spectacular and thrilling. This dive trip day is right for anyone who is certified and has been diving within the last 12 months and confident in their abilities.

Aboard Linni, our private charter, we will leave East Street Jetty. Our crew will help you set up and make sure you are ready for a day of unforgettable scuba diving. We offer equipment rental that will be directly available on the boat, no need to pick it up at a dive shop. Our objective is to give you that Island Holiday feeling, that you only get abroad.

After an hour cruise, we will do our two dives in different locations. We choose the best site possible depending on your certification level and weather conditions. After the diving, we will have nice a nice hot shower and lunch before cruising back to Perth (return 2.30 winter schedule and 1:30pm summer schedule).

A Divemaster will lead the dives, while the skipper will prepare fruits platters, hot drinks and a famous lunch!

We pick our dive sites on the day, after we have talked with you. If you have been to Rottnest Island before, we will try to make you discover a new site (or bring you to your favourite spot). Rottnest Island has many iconic sites like Roe Reef, Crystal Palace, Shark Cave and Swirl Reef.