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PADI Rescue Course

Quick Details

  • Be an Advanced Diver
  • 15 years old
  • Complete a medical form
  • Access to your own car
  • Have a valid First Aid Certificate
One Person
Two People
Book with Mates

BecomeĀ  a Rescue scuba diver and raise to the challenge

The PADI Rescue Diver course is the most challenging and memorable scuba course you will do. After getting more confidence with the PADI Advanced Open Water, the rescue course teaches self-rescue and rescue assistance, through exercise and role play.

The Rescue Course will follow you everywhere. It is about being situation aware and solving problem even before they happen

The Rescue Course is a very particular course in your recreational training. It does not allow you to go deeper like the Open Water, Advanced or Deep Diver course andĀ it does not allow you to dive be yourself like the Self-Reliant Course.

What it does is give you a greater level of confidence in your skills, prepares you to answer to accident happening to you and your dive buddie and more importantly it make you practice with role play scenarios that will happen to you if you dive long enough.

The course starts with an intensive pool session. You practice without stress (at least at the beginning) the rescue exercise you will need for your scenario. Every hour, your instructor raises the bar and makes the exercise harder. It is not about physical strength, but about keeping a cool head and understanding the situation.

On the second day, you instructor will meet you for a couple of shore dives and re-enact some scenarios. At any time something can happen, even during your lunch break! We go through at least 2 scenarios but we can do more if required. They are fun but exhausting. You will apply all the rescue exercise you practice the day before.

We also now offer the option to do your Enriched Air Course (Nitrox). At a discounted price, you can improve your scuba diving experience with this course. Stay underwater longer, feel less tired and get more knowledge about scuba diving.

The Rescue Course includes:

  • PADI E-learning
  • First day: Pool training
  • Second day: Open water practice with 2 shore dives
  • A group of maximum 8 students

What do you need:

  • Your Advanced Open Water Certification (any organisation)
  • Having done a dive in the last 6 month
  • A full set of scuba diving equipment and 2 tanks. You can rent with us. 2 days rental for the price of 1.
  • Access to transportation from and to the shore dive sites.
  • First Aid Certification (Valid within 12 months)