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PADI Divemaster

Quick Details

  • Hold a minimum of 40 logged dives at the beginning of the course
  • You will need a vehicle to go to the pool and dive sites
  • Hold your Open Water, advanced and Rescue certification (any WRSTC agencies such as PADI, NAUI, SSI)
PADI Divemaster

Your first step into being a professional Scuba Diver.

The PADI Divemaster is the first step into the professional world of Scuba Diving. Bucket List Diver offers internship all year around. During the course, you will assist numerous courses, learn to lead dive, improve your knowledge and acquire the boat skill necessary to become a divemaster. The course takes at least 3 month and up to 12 months. You will need to have plenty of availability during the week ends, as that when we are running our courses (mostly Friday, Saturday, Sunday)

What do you do during your PADI Divemaster?

As many PADI courses, the Divemaster training has both practical and theory components. When you book your course, you will receive an eLearning code allowing you to go through the theory. It is self study but we will be there if you need more face to face teaching. As soon as you have completed the 3 first chapters, you can start the practical.

You have many things to complete during your course. You will have to do a dive site map, run some Rescue drills, learn to demonstrate skills. This training is done with an instructor and other divemasters. However, the most valuable part of the education is the course assist. You will have to join at least one open water course and one advanced/rescue course as a DMT (Divemaster in Training), but we consider that a good course should include around 5 course assists.

We are teaching the DM as an internship, which means that we integrate you to the team. You will be offered to come on the boat to gain experience and to help us run the best boat in Perth. if you are not assisting on a course, you will lead the most experienced divers to build confidence. Our personal objective is to make you employable after the course for the next season.


What is my role as a Divemaster in training?

As part of the internship you will help the instructor during the course. For example, you will make students repeat some skills that they have learned. You will assist the organization of our club dive, help set up gears and buddy up with some divers.

When you join us on the boat, you will help us prepare the vessel, set up gear, welcome passenger and lead experienced divers (when you are ready for it). At the end of the day, you will also help with breaking down gear and quick boat clean up.

Most importantly, you will have to manage your time and tell us your availability so we can make you join an activity and complete your skills requirements.

What is included in the PADI Divemaster Course?

In the course we include:

  • Your PADI E-learning
  • Your PADI Crew pack
  • All your training for up to 9 months or upon certification
  • Many boat dives

but we do not include:

  • Gear rental
  • PADI Membership and Dive Insurance
  • your dive medical