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PADI Advanced Open Water Course

Quick Details

  • Open Water Diver (PADI or any other agency)
  • 15 years old
  • Complete a medical form
  • Have done a dive in the last 6 months
  • Access to your own car (we can organize car sharing if requested)
One Person
Two People
Book with Mates

Advance your scuba diving skills with PADI

The PADI Advanced Open Water course is a 2-day course in a small group of 4 students. With the Advanced Course, students are going to cover 5 adventure dives to experience new skills and hobby in scuba diving.

Bucket List Diver objectives is to teach confident, safe and enthusiast Advanced Scuba Divers

On the first day of your advanced scuba course, we will start by Peak Performance Buoyancy. It is a dive to practice and play with your buoyancy, which is very much welcome for any divers that need to lower their air consumption and/or use their arm will diving. It will be followed by our Navigation Dive. After the PADI Open water course, many divers are scared to go unguided. Your PADI Scuba instructor will give you the tricks of the trade! It is a very fun and rewarding dive. The last dive is the Rescue Dive, that will give you the basic of rescuing yourself and a dive buddy. It is a good way to build up your confidence.

We also includes a Deep Dive that will be done on our scuba diving charter Moonshine 2 between 20 and 30 metres. From the boat, you will also do an elective dive such as Naturalist, Boat Dive, underwater photography or Fish identification.

We also now offer the option to do your Enriched Air Course (Nitrox). At a discounted price, you can improve your scuba diving experience with this course. Stay underwater longer, feel less tired and get more knowledge about scuba diving.

Thanks to the PADI Advanced Open Water course, you will gain new skills:

  • Navigate with and without a compass
  • Dive to 30 metres with an equally qualified buddy
  • Plan your dive

This higher-level course is not only about getting deeper. Our objective is to give you more confidence in your own skills so you can do new activities underwater. Among them, you could dive in the drift current of Komodo Island or explore the dive wreck in Western Australia.

Everything you need is included:

  • Digital pack, with classroom correction
  • Equipment rental, scuba tank and air fills for the entire course
  • 3 shore dives and 2 dives at Rottnest Island
  • Certification fees are included
  • No equipment sale will be push or forced on you; we will only offer a recommendation if you ask during the course
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