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Diving Robb’s Jetty with the two girls behind KingPike

a bird flying over a body of water

Valérie and Debby are two Advanced Diver backpackers writing their adventures on this travel blog; they freshly arrived in Perth. Eager to discover what hides under the water of Fremantle, they came for a splash last week for a shore dive in Robb’s Jetty

Discovering a local shore dive : Robb’s Jetty

Robb’s Jetty is one of our local dive sites on O’Connor Beach. It is easy to access despite a small walk in the sand that can be challenging wearing a 5mm wetsuit during a hot day. Because of their schedule, we went for an arvo dive, the sun was out with a little bit of wind. Not the best condition to enter the water but not that bad overall. Robb’s Jetty is made of a nice heavy sand and a bit of surge don’t stir the bottom as much as it would do in Woodsman Point or Rockingham Dive Treck.

Statue of engineer in water

To get on the dive site you just have to find the engineer statue in the water, from the beach you can see the beginning of the Jetty at low tide. If you follow that heading you will find the rest of it submerged at 6 meters about 50 meters further. After a short surface swim, you should be able to see the first poles that were holding once the jetty.

What is there to see?

I like Robb’s Jetty for the openness and the nice sensation that it offers so close to shore. The poles are home to hundreds of creatures, tunicates, soft coral, algae and small crustacean. All around you will find some seaweed that can hide a Port Jackson or a Stingray. It is also not uncommon to get a seahorse hanging there and flounders on the seabed. The dive site is quite shallow, 6-8 meters at most, so you should be able to do a long and nice dive.

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