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Will you take on the diving challenge this Winter?

a person in a swimming pool

We still have a few more months left of nice weather diving before it drops to cold water diving and thicker wetsuits.

A common question we get asked is, do you still dive in Winter?

Yes absolutely still dive in winter!!!

Diving in winter can be cold yes, with water temperature dropping to 14 degrees but the great thing is, we generally have lower winds and the swell drops which makes for great diving. Wear more layers and plan shorter dives and you can still enjoy the beauty of the underwater world in winter.

Another great plan it to escape winter in Perth and go on a dive trip somewhere warm for a week or 2. July 2019 we head to Komodo Islands in Indonesia where the sun will be shining and warm ocean. In the making for 2020 is the beautiful Great Barrier Reef.

So how can I enjoy winter diving in Perth?

Our Charter MoonshineII will be offering discounted overnight stays throughout winter. 2 days of diving for up to 6 divers. Plus we hope our Divemaster’s in training will be all certified and up to the challenge to dive throughout winter to lead some regular shore dives.

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