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Its been SHARKTASTIC diving at Rottnest recently

a shark in the water

What a great time of the year to be diving at Rottnest Island. The weather has cooled down but the wind and swell have dropped and this makes for awesome diving. With vizability being around 25+meters and water temperature 20 degrees, we have noticed an increase of shark sightings on our dives.

What kind of sharks?

Lucky just friendly ones which we love to see. Last week we spotted a Grey Nurse Shark at an unusual spot we’ve not seen them before and at Shark Cave, west end of Rottnest Island we have seen at least 8 on a dive and yesterday…more than 16 in a single area. Just magical. We have also seen a tiger shark and wobbegong sharks in the last week.

Shark Cave Rottnest

What makes diving this time of year so good?

Don’t let the cold put you off. With 20+ meter vizability and calm ocean its the best time of year to dive at the moment. The water is actually warmer in the mornings then the air temperature! Dive Instructor Kate has found the diving to be the best the last few weeks then it has all year.

Onboard MoonshineII we also have 2 hot showers onboard, plenty of hot tea and coffee to warm you up, blankets to keep you warm and a delicious hot lunch to warm the belly.


So excited to head out to Rottnest Island again soon