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What to expect on a Dive Liveaboard trip?

a large ship in a body of water

With a few of our Dive Trips coming up in the next few months being Liveaboards (Coral Bay and Cairns) I thought it was only appropriate to write about what to expect on a Dive Liveaboard trip?! After living on boats for a number of years, both Kate and Antoni think we’ve got it pretty well covered.

BoatExperience Level: Most liveaboards will want you to already be a certified diver and with a number of dives under your belt and have been diving within 12 months. If it’s been a while since your last dive and you have a trip coming up, get a few dives under your belt so you can enjoy the trip and not spend the whole trip feel uncomfortable in the water.

Dive Schedule: Most Liveaboards include 2-4 dives a day and maybe even a night dive.  The schedule will largely depend on the travel time between dive sites, and if you have to do long hauls between islands or ports. Checking with the company to see its schedule. You don’t have to do every dive, however, if you don’t, you might get serious FOMO.

The Food: Dining options and menus will vary depending on the local cuisine and in my experience, I have never gone hungry. With so many different dietary requirements out there these days, they are normally pretty good at catering to everyone. If you have a special dietary requirement then just check they can cater to you. If you are a big eater or like your snacks, bring them with you.

Drinks/Alcohol: Depending on the boat, some drinks maybe included but quite often alcohol is not and an additional cost. A lot of boats also don’t allow byo. At the end of a big dive day and early starts, you’ll probably find yourself enjoying a cold sunset beer but don’t want to ruin the next day with a hangover.

Equipment: Do you bring your own or hire? If you have your own and the airlines allow for extra luggage then take your own. Gear hire can add up quickly and you don’t want to find yourself using dive masks and fins that aren’t comfortable. At a minimum-take your own dive mask.

Free time: What better way to spend the free time then to relax, watch the beautiful ocean views, read a book, look at your dive photos, have a look at fish id books and chat to other divers. Most liveaboards don’t have internet and you’ll enjoy being away from it for a few days

Dive Insurance: Most boats will want you to have some kind of travel/dive insurance. Liveaboards can get far away from land and if you have an accident you will want to be covered. We recommend DAN insurance.

What to pack: Check the weather for your location. What is the air and water temperature? Do you need a 3mil or 5mil wetsuit? Are you going to a warm location and only need 1 set of pants and a jumper? Check the size limits on the bags you are also allowed on the boat as you won’t want to take a massive suitcase that takes up the whole room.

See upcoming blog with tips on what to pack


Now, all we have to do is sit back and wait and enjoy our Liveaboard experiences when the time comes.