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June Ladies Dive

a group of people posing for the camera

14 Brave ladies showed up last Sunday for June’s Ladies dive morning and put on big girl pants to dive in the rather brisk water. With winter now here in Perth, the conditions are getting fresh with shore dive temperatures reaching 16 degrees.

Nudibranch’s were spotted in abundance and unfortunately the vizability wasn’t as its best and with fingers frozen, the girls cut the dive time to 30min…brave move!

Lucky for everyone, Antoni met up with us with warm French crepes and tea and coffee to fill our bellies with warmness. Who doesn’t love warm crepes on a Sunday morning…or any morning for that matter?!

We had a special guest speaker joining us this month. Sian Williams, founder of Kidzucate who gave us all an incite about her anti-bullying campaign and Youth Human Rights legend. It was fantastic to meet her and hear her inspiring story and at only 12…I think we were all a little jealous about her abilities and also starting diving so young.

So good to see so many people still diving in winter and I’m very much looking forward to the next meetup as its a big one for the PADI International Women’s Dive Day!!!

Dont forget to register and if the weather is anything like last year, I have a backup plan.