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The Wobbegong has a baby!!!

Anzac Day 2018 and a full charter to one of our favourite wreck dives in Western Australia-The Lena.

Situated only 30min off the coast of Bunbury, The Lena is a beautiful wreck and a favourite amongst us divers. Lying at the bottom in almost 18m of blue water, it is an easy dive for any divers who hold there Open Water Certification. Navigation is super easy on this wreck as you descend down from the mooring line where you hit 10m and get a good visual on the wreck. I like to start my dive on the outside, covering its outer layer and enjoy the plenty of fish life that can be found on every dive here. Jacks, barracuda, batfish, cuttlefish and a popular shark to look for-the wobbegong shark.

We were informed before our dive that the 2+ meter shark has found herself a male friend and within the last few months they have had a baby. So the mission was to not only find the old girl but her baby as well. After swimming around the outside of the wreck and some easy wreck penetration, we bumped into the other dive group who lead us to where the mother Wobbegong shark was hanging out.

Looking rather comfortable on an overgrown staircase, there she lay. She was very happy to sit still for everyone while they snapped away and flashed cameras at her to get there best angle. Not far from where she was, we found her baby. Still a little wrinkly looking and slightly different markings, she was so cute at about half her/his mother’s size. Happy to pose for more photos, it took after the mother in beauty and peacefulness. Who says sharks are scary?

We enjoyed a good 50min dive, exploring the inside of the wreck where hundreds of bull’s eye fish live as well as nudibranchs, scorpion fish and so many more to name. It was time to go up and get some warmth before doing it all over again.

I love coming to visit The Lena wreck. Its unique, calm yet exciting, always interesting and plenty to see. It’s also a beautiful drive down from Perth in the early hours of the morning, watching the sun rise and seeing the mist on the fields and cows enjoying the fresh grass.