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Checking out somewhere new and getting chased by a cuttlefish

The weekend weather was stunning-low wind and swell and clear blue skies so we decided to bring our divers to a different site and north of the river for a change. Mettams Pool is a fantastic, easy, shallow site just north of Trigg beach.

We met just opposite Giles street with on-street parking and nearby the shower and toilet facilities. After a briefing and gearing up, it was a short walk down to the beach where we donned our fins and swam out amongst other snorkellers and swimmers where we found 5m of water.

There were 15 divers joining Kate and Antoni on Saturday so plenty of people in the water and most went with a buddy while others were guided to see what we could find. Some swim-throughs where lived schools of buffalo bream, baitfish and some of us found a conch shell. Beautiful but not worthy of touching.

Mettams Pool is a little bit like a mini Rottnest. Swim-throughs and overhangs with plenty to see. Shallow enough that it makes for an easy dive but not advised to dive with anything more than 1m swell-or you’ll struggle in the swell and waves. I was thoroughly enjoying what I was seeing and impressed by the amount of fish life.

¬†As we were finishing the dive, I came across a big cuttlefish. One of the largest I’ve ever seen before. It locked eyes with mine and decided that I was a threat and that it didn’t want to be friends. It changed shape and texture-going from cute and placid to angry and sharp. Chasing me out of its hole and pointing its face at me and using its forceful jet propulsion my way, I have to admit I let out a small squeal and let it be. Maybe it had eggs? It was entertaining for our divers who had a good underwater giggle at my expense.

After the dive and all the names were ticked off the list we shared a beautiful brunch and talked about what we saw. Cake, fruit and sausage rolls were shared along with hot tea and coffee. The perfect way to start off a weekend.

I would like to go back to Mettams pool again and take our divers there to explore more. Next time the Perth weather is good to us. Easy free parking, toilets, showers and even a grassed undercover picnic area to share a feast.


Thank you everyone who joined us last Saturday and we hope to see you all again soon