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Diving with Grey Nurse Sharks 20th April

a shark in the water

Perfect weather conditions last Friday meant we were able to head off and visit our shark friends at the beautiful dive site Shark Cave. With low wind and swell forecast, we set off and arrived in the morning for our first dive.

Antoni leads the dive with his Advanced Open Water Students and Kate followed soon after with photographers in tow. After a little searching for the cave, we found a safe patch on the reef to watch these majestic creatures. 11 Grey Nurse Sharks were counted as they circled us in curiosity. Beautiful, graceful creatures with inquisitive eyes hung around for the dive and we enjoyed their company for 50min or so.

All on board, we headed to calmer waters (which was a big relief for some) and spent our surface interval in the beautiful calm waters by Rottnest. Some of the divers jumped in for a snorkel, while others relaxed on board sipping on hot tea and enjoying the warmth of the sun.


After a relaxing break and delicious lunch, we set off for our second dive at ‘The Dropoff’ where we explored caverns and found nudibranchs, stingrays, and even a cute eagle ray came to say hello. It was yet another beautiful dive and a great way to end the day.

Rottnest Island is a magical dive spot to explore. Caverns, caves, plenty of sealife and of course our friends the Grey Nurse Sharks.

Looking forward to next weekend when we take our new Open Water and Advanced divers.