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An Open Water Scuba Ticket to explore the Lena

Thanks to your scuba ticket, you can explore the wonder of the underwater world. For Australia day, Bucket List Diver organised a dive on the Lena. 8 divers joined us for that adventure.


You just need an Open Water Scuba Ticket to explore this wreck

Far from having the long and proud history of the other wreck on the West Coast, the Lena was a simple fishing vessel. It was illegally fishing in Antartica and after an exciting chase, the F.V. Lena got caught by the Australian Navy. They brought back the wreck in Fremantle and soon the decision was made to sink the wreck a few miles from Bunbury.

The Lena was set for divers. Sitting at 18 meters, the wreck is a wonder for those who just got their scuba ticket. The boat sit straight up, the hull has been cut to offer a safe access for divers and it has been scraped from dangerous equipment.

What were you doing for Stralia Day?

I don’t know for you, but organising a dive trip is always a bit scary. You can never predict the weather a month before, everything can happen. Lucky for us, after weeks of average weather, Australia Day was a blast. With less than 5 knots of winds and 0,8 meters of surges, the condition could not have been better. 8 scuba divers, from OW scuba ticket to Divemaster, joined us for this adventure.


We started our first dive on the Lena, discovering this 50+meters ship, that is now the home of thousands of fish among 70 species according to our captain Kim, for Octopus Garden. It tooks us a minute to find one of the biggest Wobbegong shark that I have seen so far. Resting on the hull, the beautiful animal were not impressed by the few divers. Plenty of other fish swam around us during this dive while we were exploring the womb of this old ship.

The visibilty, this day, settled around 20 meters. The lights, beaming through the opening in the hull, created a beautiful playground for the underwater photographers tagging along with us.

After that first dive, we went for a short splash in the neighbourhood reef in order to catch some crayfish for lunch. We ended the day on a final dive at Leather Jacket Cave, a secret site of Captain Kim. A beautiful dive that looked like Rottnest.

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