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Bucket List Diver presents two new NASE Open Water Divers

a group of people swimming in the water

Damon and Grayden were looking to do their Open Water Diver Course during their tight schedule. Thanks to Bucket List Diver 2-day Open Water Course and NASE e-learning program the were able to enrol Saturday and start the course on Tuesday!

diver buddy

Both were keen crayfisherman, with years of experience catching lobster while freediving. They wanted to go to the next step and discover the wonder of scuba diving.

As usual, our main focus has been the control of their buoyancy. During the pool sessions but also during the Open Water, all their skills have been practised at neutral buoyancy. At no point did their learn to kneel to read a gauge or clear a mask, which make them ready to dive some wall and deeper site.

We hope to see them soon for one of our shore dive or dive trip!

Here is some pictures of their course:

[foogallery id=”550″]