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A new PADI Scuba Diver joins the dive family!

underwater view of a coral

Last week, we had the pleasure to welcome Diane in the diving community. As she was 12 and was speaking french we chose to offer a PADI Scuba Diver course in order to complete her course online in her home language.

cuttlefish in Esperance

A PADI Scuba Diver course to introduce scuba diving…

PADI Scuba DiverWith that course, Diane will be able to dive up to 12 meters always with the supervision of an Instructor. We, of course, spend a day in the pool to prepare her for all the necessary skills for the course. As she was very confident, she was able to go through all the skills of the PADI Scuba Diver course. After that day we went for a couple of dive around Perth. We first dived the Rockingham Dive trail. That the visibility was probably the best I have seen in a while. Fish was swimming around us during the mandatory skills and we found a few species of nudibranch and anemones. After that dive, we went to Ammo Jetty for one of our favourites dive. Despite a few jellyfish, the dive was beautiful and we were pleased to discover some octopi and seahorses.


…and discover Esperance and Lucky Bay

With that PADI Scuba Diver certification, in her pocket, she was ready to start more dive adventures. So we drove for Esperance (with a stop at Wave Rock) and explore one of the local shore site: Lucky Bay. Located in the Cape Naturalist Park, the dive site is very easily accessible. After a short swim, we started our dive in shallow water, protected from any surge and wave. We followed rocks that were leading us a bit deeper into the site. We could have gone at 18 meters easily, but we stuck to 12 meters and start looking for the elusive Weedy Seadragon. Unfortunately, we were not very lucky with our search. We still enjoy the sight of plenty of fish and were lucky to find a cuttlefish.

Kate and Diane

In Esperance, we could have dived the local pier, but this one is not accessible because of recent events. Esperance is also home of 100 of islands and one of the biggest wrecks in the world, unfortunately, we didn’t have time to explore more of the underwater world. It will definitely be worth to come back and discover more of the dive site of the place during a future dive trip.