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Ammo Jetty Dive clean_up

a group of bushes and trees

The dive site of Ammo Jetty, which is located in Woodman Point, is one of the most famous of Perth. Easy to access, full of life and quite fun, most of the Scuba Student of Perth learned to dive on this site. Ammo Jetty is shared with all the community. It is a beautiful park for joggers, a nice place to have a family BBQ, a beautiful dive site, a nice beach for a swim and also an all-time favourite for our local fishermen.  You will see in the following pictures that all those activities take a toll on the quality of life of our fish friend. Don’t you think that divers should organise a clean-up dive?

Pregnant sea horse Ammo Jetty

A pregnant Sea Horse should be a good reason to particpate to Ammo Jetty Clean-up

Ammo Jetty needs a clean-up

It is exactly what Connor Smith, a local diver, thought! He motivates a few of the local dive shops and other local business (like Arc SubSea) to prepare the upcoming event. For now, we are planning on having two teams of divers to explore the dive site and recover rubbishes that are present underwater. As you can see in the pictures there is a bit of everything over there. Some can become a home for the fish like the glass bottles, but other are dangerous like the plastic bags and hooks.

Bucket List Diver will rent tanks, weight and scuba gear to certified diver for no fee. The event will take place the Sunday 5th of January, all the information are available on our facebook page

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At the same time, none divers are also welcome to join the event. Ammo Jetty is located in a beautiful park where we can find little rubbish but it is never a bad thing to make it pristine.

What should you do when you dive?

You don’t always need to join a clean-up dive to help us keeping the dive site clean. You should not hesitate to pick some of the underwater rubbishes when you feel safe to do so. I will suggest to do it carefully and respect a few rules :

  • Never Pick-up something heavy. More than a few kilos, we recommend to use a lift bag and get the proper training for it.
  • Have a close look at what your are picking and where you stock it. A can could be the home of our lovely blue ring octopus. Chances increase if it has been underwater for a long time.
  • If it lock into the sea bed, it is not going to be a problem for wild life anymore. It could even become the beginning of a reef.
  • Plastic is our main ennemy. Fishing lines can present a risk of entanglement for us and wildlife. Act cautiously with them and dive with a knife.