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Photo Gallery of the last dives

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We have been diving quite a lot this week. Enjoying the good weather and more likely hiding from the sun. I wanted to introduce some of the pictures of this week, if you have been diving with us there is a good chance you will find yourself in it.

A dive at the Grain Terminal 5/01/17

We were 7 scuba divers that day to explore that very long jetty

[foogallery id=”454″]

Let’s dive Ammo Jetty 04/07/17

Ammo Jetty is a classic dive of Fremantle. It was a pleasure to bring back Jack underwater. He hasn’t been diving for a couple of years and did very well thanks to a Quick refresher course.

[foogallery id=”472″]

The new trail at North Mole 03/07/17

Thanks to a fellow diver, there is a easy to follow dive trail leading to the wreck at North Mole. Entry and exit out of the water are always difficult but the dive was a pleasure.

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