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Weekend Trip to Busselton Jetty

Cuttlefish posing for pictures

This weekend trip has just been full of great surprises and awesome dives. A small group of 5 divers met us this weekend to discover one of our favourite dive site in Western Australia: Busselton Jetty. Our plan was quite simple: escape the hustle and bustle of city life for the weekend and offer 2-day dives and a night dive to our small groups.

A simple weekend trip to discover the longest jetty of the southern hemisphere

So we met at the Diveshed at 9.30am to gear up and try the gear for the divers that were renting some. We took a trolley and a spare tank before we started walking that beautiful structure. Half an hour later we were at the dive platform and getting ready for our first dive.

If you haven’t dived the jetty before, you have to know that is amongst the easiest dive around. You just need to gear up and do a giant stride to enter the water. There is no surface swim, currents or surge on the site. The visibility is quite often good, but in this occasion, it was perfect around 20 meters. The bottom is only 10 meters down and you can guess that navigation on the site is very easy.

So we went for a first dive and discovered some fun creatures: cuttlefish, salmon and nudibranch. After the dive, we took time to warm up and eat the lunch that Bucket List Diver prepared for the occasion. An hour later we were ready for a second one and we looked for more creatures and we were not disappointed with the discovery of a Port Jackson Shark and an Epaulette Shark. At the end of that dive, we started to walk back for a break…

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One of the easiest night dive

We met again at 5PM to get ready for the night dive. Our equipment was ready so it only took a moment for us to be on our way to the jetty. Timing was perfect as the sun was setting on the ocean while we were strolling along the railway that leads to the site. After a nice briefing by sunset, we got ready to offer the first night dive to 2 of our divers. The experience was smooth and breathtaking. The condition were ideal and offered confidence to the divers that discovered for the first time the underwater world by night. We, of course, met quite a lot of nightlife: numb ray, more cuttlefish, squid and ton of nudibranch. After more than 40 minutes exploring this new world, we ended the dive, tired but happy with our weekend trip.

If you are also interested in diving Busselton Jetty with us for a weekend trip, we offer the 3 dives for $150, including all gear, fills, lunch and jetty fees. We can organise with your accommodation and car pooling. You need to have an Open Water Certification or we can organise an introduction dive at the Jetty.