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What events are happening with Bucket List Diver?

a group of people swimming in the water

April has been a great month for us with our arrival on Trip Advisor! If you have been diving with us and had a good time feel free to give us a review over there! May is a going to be full of events for our dive community as Bucket List Diver is preparing a few things for you. Want to know what is happening in May?

Refresher and Open Water Course

The Weekend of 6th-7th of May is going to be interesting. Antoni is starting a fresh Open Water Course Saturday, Sunday. As usual, it will be a small group, it includes the pool training, the online theory and 4 shore dives. At the end of the course you will be able to dive to 18m, in a buddy team without supervision. It is still time to join our course, just give us a call. Price Starts at $440, the more buddies are joining the cheaper it gets! Also, if you are interested in learning to dive and would like to book a date let us know as we always do a course even with one diver!

Lena wreck

The Sunday 7th, Kate is offering a Refresher Course at Ammo Jetty. If you haven’t dive in a while and want to get wet before your holidays to Bali, you can join us for $100. All the gear and the theory are included and you will have the possibility to go for a second dive for a little extra. You can also just freely join us for the occasion if you are qualified and just looking for a buddy. Gear Rental is $50 or $10 for a tank.


Buy Swap and Sell

Our friends from Arc SubSea are organising an another dive events, where you can bring your gear and try to swap them for new toys the Saturday 6th. It is a good opportunity to meet other divers that will be happy to have a chat with you. Just come along for the BBQ and get your tank fill while you are eating a hot dog!



Busselton Jetty, HMAS Swan and Advanced Course events

The 20th of May will be our last trip of the season to the Swan, on my personal favourite events of the month. Soon after that, The Leeuwin Current will change and visibility would be mediocre. We will start on Saturday for a day dive at the Busselton Jetty and a Night Dive. The next day we will dive the HMAS Swan for a couple of awesome deep dive. To make it worthy we are also offering to do the Advanced Open Water Course during the weekend (by adding a dive on the Jetty).

Advanced Open Water Course $470 (all inclusive, gear, boats dive, fill, torches)

Whole weekend
-Own gear- $205
-Own gear hire tanks only $235
– Hire gear through BLD $320

Double dive Busselton Jetty
-Own gear- $45
-Own gear hire tanks only $60
– Hire gear through BLD $95

Double Dive HMAS Swan
-Own gear- $160
-Own gear hire tanks only $175
– Hire gear through BLD $215

Let’s us know if you would like us to organise more events!