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We had a Whaley good time

an animal swimming in the water

While most of you were in Perth during the cold, wet winter, owners of BLD Kate and Antoni, set off to explore a unique part of the world.

Reunion island is the birthplace of Instructor Antoni and we were happy for some chill out time with family and more time to explore a magical part of the world.

Reunion Island is a tiny dot on a map situated in the Indian ocean a direct 9hr flight from Perth towards Africa. With stunning beaches with mountains in the backdrop it’s a very unique place to come and they also have some of the best food imaginable AND Humpback whales during winter.

Strangely enough, this was Kates 3rd time in Reunion and with Antoni spending most of his childhood days by the beach in Reunion we had never gone on a whale watching trip here and thought well why not?

For a small sum of 45 Euro (roughly $60AUD) we found ourselves in the local dive shop being handed out wetsuits and fins and given a briefing on snorkelling with whales. If the ocean allows and the whales are not breaching or moving 30km/hr we might be lucky enough to head into the water to see these magnificent creatures. A short walk to the jetty later and finding out viewing seat, we were more pumped more then ever to catch a glimpse of a Humpback whale…or 2

After just 15min or so we found our first whale. A mother and a calf, calmly lying in no more than 15m of water…still and calm waters and the whales were just as quiet. Time to go! Sliding off the back of the boat, careful not to make too many splashes to disturb them we headed a short distance to the mother and calf. And then there they were…WOW!!! I gasped and I knew I looked like my Open Water students seeing fish for there first time.  How good is this!? I yelled to Antoni.

Clear 20+m vizability, calm water and in shallow enough water we could see both whales in perfect conditions. Both mother and calf seemed happy and calm in our presence, coming up to the surface to breathe and say hello (or was it Bonjour?). They were only a few meters away from us while we bobbed like corks on the surface and the young had fun rolling around on its back and looking at us with curiosity.

After what seemed like forever, the whales decided to head to deeper water where they vanish into the deep blue as if they never existed.  I took a moment to myself with a smile on my face and tears welled up in my eyes. What an incredible experience. I felt so blessed to be given this opportunity to see something so beautiful and breathtaking.

I will never forget my first scuba dive during my Open Water Course or my first ever night dive and or words!

If you would like more information about snorkelling with Humpback whales in Reunion island feel free to send us a message:

Maybe a trip here is in order for 2019/2020?