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Celebrating diving…Chicks Rule!

a group of people sitting at a table in front of a window

PADI’s International Women’s Dive Day was a blast for our second year running as Bucket List Diver. Unfortunately, the weather was shocking and so Kate decided to host the event out of the rain and wind for a breakfast meetup, chat and getting to know each other a bit better. Celebrating Christmas in July also, it was an excuse to break out the hats and tinsel.


All 14 of us met at the ‘Ocean Beach Hotel’ in Scarborough with a beautiful view of the waves crashing on the beach and tucked into a yummy breakfast and coffee. As you can imagine with a group of only women, there was laughter, plenty of chatting and great stories floating around.

Everyone at the table won a prize! Kindly donated were some PADI caps and bags, Essential Oil by ‘Sea A Change’, free gear rentals for diving and some handmade leave in conditioner by Kate. Its Women’s dive day so why not treat our fellow women divers!!!

Even though it was rough and raining outside and we couldn’t have enjoyed a dive, it was wonderful to share stories and meet fellow women who have the same passion and interests.

Until September ladies…it was my pleasure enjoying the Saturday morning with you all