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Spring has finally arrived!

a group of people sitting next to a body of water
Queen’s Birthday long weekend 2018
As you have probably noticed the weather has been much better over the last few weeks and feeling much more like spring.
It was a busy long weekend with the Queen’s Birthday falling on Monday and we were blessed to have wonderful weather.
The weekend started early, with 2 students starting there Open Water Course with Instructor Kate on Friday. Sunday was magical and we headed to Rottnest island where we did 2 dives exploring Roe Reef and a wreck dive, the City of York. Calm waters with great visibility which made it easy for our students and everyone to have some enjoyable dives and the chance to enjoy the sunshine on deck during our lunch and surface interval.
Monday’s weather forecast was flat, calm and nearly no current so perfect conditions to go check out Shark Cave on the western side of Rottnest Island. With a boat full of excited females (it wasn’t intended this way) we headed to the top dive site from Perth where we met some Grey Nurse Sharks and had a very relaxed dive enjoying not only the sharks but the swim throughs and plenty of sea life around.
On the way back to the boat after the first dive of the day, we spotted a window frame underwater? How unusual…but we soon found out its mystery. While underwater, a big seagull had decided to fly extremely fast into the window of Moonshine II and shattered it.  Who bought the banana on the boat?
We moved the boat to a sheltered bay, being followed by a pod of dolphins and were greeted by the local Australian fur seals. A perfect snorkel opportunity, some of us jumped in to see the cute furry friends with beautiful puppy-dog eyes.  Our next dive was the fantastic-Swirl reef. Just before jumping in, Humpback whales came and sung us a song and we enjoyed a beautiful dive with amazing visibility, swimthroughs and tunnels, friendly cuttlefish and songs of whales in tune with our bubbles.
A warm lunch and numerous cups of tea were a reward for a busy morning and we spent an hour or so, lying on deck, enjoying the sun and taking in the scenery.  A great way to spend the long weekend