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The real good reasons we love scuba diving (according to Kate)

Scuba diving has so many great advantages. It’s great for your health, self-esteem, physical fitness but is also lots of fun. Besides all of these advantages I have compiled a list of why else scuba diving is good for us:   Good for curly hair If you are blessed to have curly locks, then you’ll…

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September 5, 2017

Fisrt Friend Dive in Ammo Jetty

Bucket List Diver official kick off! It is with a real pleasure that we started the season with a friend dive this Saturday morning. All friends and new faces were present at Ammo Jetty to explore on of the most popular shore dive site of the area. Big thanks to all the divers that show off and especially to Katie who tried diving for the first time. For those that could be there today, no worries as we will have plenty of other shore dives in the next month to come. Don’t hesitate to let your none-diver friends knows about Bucket List Diver and our Open Water Course. We will be happy to welcome them in our tribe.   [foogallery id=”243″]

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November 19, 2016