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Dive every weekend in Fremantle with Bucket List Diver

underwater view of the earth from space

What are you doing this weekend? If you are leaving in Perth or Fremantle, the answer should be easy: Go for a dive with Bucket List Diver! We open our dive shop in December 2016 and start exploring the sites of Fremantle, Perth and Rockingham week after week but not always regularly. Lately, Bucket List Diver decided to make a recurrent thing to go diving on weekend, most of the time on Sunday.

Where is Bucket List Diver diving?

Our usual Sunday dives take place in the surrounding of Fremantle. Many of our divers come with their bicycle as we can provide scuba dive gears directly on the site. Our favourites dive site are Ammo Jetty, Robb’s Jetty and Woodman Point. When the weather is good, Bucket List Diver also loves to bring you to Rockingham for the Wreck Dive Trail or Point Peron. Lately, we also really enjoyed scuba diving North Mole and explore the Gareenup.

Bucket List Diver

Would you like to see more with Bucket List Diver?

We are also starting to organise dive trip in the neighbourhood. Bucket List Diver is planning its first trip to Rottnest Island this weekend thanks to Perth Dive Academy. We hope to come back with a lot of photographies and smiles! Kate has also started to get in touch with some dive companies down south. If everything goes according to plan we should have the first weekend to Busselton Jetty, with a night dive under the pier. The next day we will also explore the HMAS Swan. Let us a message if you want to know more about it.

HMAS swan scuba diverHMAS Swan, by the window


What level should I be?

All divers can join us for a shore dive. The good thing about it is the price: it is free when you have your own gear! We just ask you to let us know you are coming and to be on time so nobody waits. If you are not equipped yet, we can provide a set of gear. We are renting the tank for $10 and the set of gear for $40. Bucket List Diver has all new Mares BCD and Regulator along with new wetsuit, fins and booties. We try to make it as easy for you by having the gear ready when you arrive and helping you to check that all is working well.

If you haven’t been diving for a while, those shore dives are the best way to get back in the water. An instructor is always there to look after you. Bucket List Diver provides Refresher course that helps you to get back in the water.