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Abrolhos Islands-A Easter Adventure!!!

We were lucky enough to go on an adventure over the Easter break to an interesting part of the world for not only a place that has some interesting history but also some fantastic diving!

Our days at sea onboard the ‘Aussie Warrior’ was our home for the 4 days. A comfortable boat with a massive deck space and plenty of room to chat with other divers, read a book, play cards or hear stories of the Batavia and its tales.







Armed with 11 enthusiastic divers, deckhand, chef and skipper we set off for our adventure from Geraldton and it was a rough crossing but we made it and were greeted by a pod of happy dolphins. We were blessed with wonderful weather the first few days and enjoyed diving amongst a sea of coral as far as the eye could see. Massive clusters of boulder, finger, table corals and so many different species of fish in beautiful clear blue water. Crayfish was on the menu one day with some of our divers opting to head in for a catch to see who could take the winning size and enjoy the fresh meal they had caught for everyone-so proudly.

We spent a few hours one afternoon at Rat island. A fishing village on a small island with small huts and limited shade with a dusty plane runway. Giving our land legs a stretch and almost getting run over by a small plane, it was nice to have a look around and see how other people live and feeling like we were on a set of a movie.

The diving in the Abrolhos islands was great but sadly we didn’t have the best weather so were limited to where we could go by boat. There was a close encounter with a seal one day with it coming a bit too close to some of us and almost leaping on heads of others. Nemo was found several times as were buffalo¬†brim, cuttlefish, a lone port jackson shark and so many different species of fish-too many to count.

After 4 days at sea, we had made new friends and seen a part of the world not too many people get to come and explore. Looking forward to next time and hope the weather treats us well so we can go and explore the remains of the ‘Batavia’.

Thank you for everyone who joined us on the amazing journey:

Mel, Gavin, Shaun, Rob, Jane, Karen, Tony, Billie, Konrad, Justin and to the crew Dave, Charlotte and Alan.