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Diving Point Peron

a close up of a fish

Point Peron is one of WA classical shore dive. Point Peron is situated south of Rockingham, just after the access to Garden Island. This limestone reef offers caves, seaweed and lobsters. No surprise that it is one of our favourite.

Not always a winner…

The sea can be capricious and some times even the best day show no good results. We went diving this last Sunday, with a group of diver from over the place. The weather was nice, swell moderate and the wind did not blow the last couples of day. Unfortunately Neptune decided to turn off the light in his domain; the visibility was barely 4-5 meters. We didn’t see much to be true. We visited Howie Hole, enjoy the cave but that was it. By the way Howard is a famous diver around Perth you can check his site about Perth Shore Dive.

Diver on his way Diver walking in the water

The visibility was so low than even animals could not find their way! An octopus had to borrow a torch to find its hole back. We now call it Torchctopus.

torch octopus

…But you can get lucky

Today was my lucky day. I went back there to explore another part of the reef. My buddies were looking for cray so we went to a cave behind the reef, where he thought we could catch some. Some cray were present, but of small size. However the dive was great, the caves beautiful. It all started with a dolphin meeting us at the reef, he came back later with some friend to tell us goodbye. It is a common fact here, but dolphins often come around and are not scared of divers.


Underwater beside the small crays, we saw school of buffalo bream, a beautiful blue devil and the usual puffer. The caves there are quite small and under the surge. It is not easy to dive but some view are breath taking.

If you also like to join us for a dive, find us on Facebook and join us for our Sunday dive!

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