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Dive Medical – Who needs to have a diving medical?

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How do you know if you need a dive Medical?

If you’ve just signed up to learn how to dive, you will now know that you need to complete the PADI Diver Medical Participant Questionnaire before you dive or start a scuba diving course.


This form helps us to keep the training safe and relevant to you. Many common medical conditions do not exclude you from diving. The questions are used as a prompt to facilitate conversation between you and a medical practitioner about your health. A “yes” answer does not necessarily mean you can’t dive.

If you answered yes to any of the questions on your PADI Diver Medical form you will need to see a Doctor. A Doctor will review your form before you can dive and consider your answers, health and fitness. Don’t be afraid to raise any questions or concerns.

Where do you go to get a Dive Medical?

If you have a regular GP, this is a great starting point. Have a discussion about your health and possibly a referral to a Doctor who specialises in Diving Medicine.

The South Pacific Underwater Medicine Society (S.P.U.M.S) has a great resource to learn what you can expect from a recreational diving medical. Remember to allow enough time before your course to have the medical form completed, particularly if you have pre-existing condition/s.

Depending on your circumstances your Doctor may recommend regular check ups to be sure you stay diving fit. Your Doctor may suggest you have an annual diving medical if you are a regular diver.

If you’re interested in further reading material, the Divers Alert Network are recognised globally as a fantastic organisation for health and safety resources, advice and insurance products such as for emergency evacuation from remote diving locations away from home.

Remember that getting expert medical advice specific to you is critical, do not google diagnose. We are all different.

Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about pre-requisites for learning to dive.