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Perth Bucket List experiences

an animal swimming in the water

Things to do for your Perth Bucket List

If you’re looking a little closer to home than usual for adventures these days you’re not alone. Here are some of the best Perth Bucket List experiences so close to home they can fit any schedule. Escape, relax and take a well-deserved break to recharge and connect with friends or family around our beautiful Perth.

Our Perth Bucket List of Animal Encounters, Eco Adventure Tours and Relaxing micro Stay-cations starts now.

Humpback whale just below the surface of the water reaching up to take a breath

Watch the Humpback Whales
Starting at $150pp for 12 passengers June – December.
Half and full day charters available.

Perth is lucky enough to be located right on the Humpback Whale migration highway to and from Antarctic waters. There are 3 known peak periods from June to December and Humpbacks are sometimes seen popping up for air up at less expected times too.

Female Humpback whales have been known to reach up to 16 meters long and weigh as much as 30,000kg!

From mid-June to Late July the Humpbacks are seen in Perth waters making their majestic journey North. From Mid-September to late October the Humpback whales can be spotted returning to Perth oceans, heading South.

Arguably the most special time of all is late October and early November where it’s most likely to see the female “Cow” Humpbacks attentively escorting their precious calves South.

Watching the mammoth mammals gently nudge the much smaller calf in the right direction to take a breath from their blowholes is a humbling and inspirational experience not to be missed.

Commercial fishing devastated Humpback whale populations until protections were introduced and today the Western Australian sub-population is no longer listed as endangered by the ICUN. Unfortunately the east coast Oceania population are still endangered, though numbers are increasing.

Scuba diving at Rottnest Island, divers will often hear the hauntingly beautiful Whale song, which can travel around 16,000 kilometres through the water!

Sea Lion Just below the surface of the water

Swim with Seals and Sea Lion
Starting at $100pp for 12 passengers year round.
Half and full day charters available.

Affectionately known to locals as Sea Dogs, these cheeky and curious creatures are seen frolicking near Perth all year round. Most often between September and June.

Tourists swimming or snorkelling close to the colonies have been known to find their first introduction is a tug on their fins, looking down to find big brown eyes looking back.

Some days, the colonies rest hauled out on beautiful island beaches, while other days the splash of snorkellers in the water is to much to resist.

The Australian Sea Lion is the rarest sea lion in the world, these and the New Zealand Fur Seal both call Western Australia home. Carnac and Rottnest Island both host colonies just half and hour to an hours boat ride from Fremantle.

Snorkelling at Perth’s untouched islands is a bucket list experience in it’s self. The experience is made that much more special when you get to share it with a furry, finned sea puppy.

Do you know the differences between seal and Sea Lion? Come see them and find out.


Top half of a weedy sea dragon under water at night - Perth Bucket List Animal encounter

Discover Weedy Sea Dragons
From $30-80pp year round.

That’s right, discover dragons in Perth! The Weedy Sea Dragon is a relative of the sea horse, leafy sea dragon and pipefish. Those lucky enough to spot one will notice the fabulous colouring that sets the Weedy Seadragon apart.

Several Perth Scuba diving sites area are known habitats for the Weedy Seadragon. They can be a little elusive to the un-trained eye, so while it’s possible to get lucky snorkelling in Rockingham or Fremantle, best success is had by joining a shore dive.

Scuba diving allows the diver to spend much more time with a guide or buddy at the level of the dragons as you swim through the sea grass, spotting local fish species. Shore dives run year round and are often free, you only need to pay if you want to hire equipment.

Haven’t yet experienced scuba diving? It’s possible to get lucky and spot one on a guided snorkel tour. From $30 including a mask, snorkel and fins this is a cost effective, fun day in the sun.



Sunset River Cruise
From $110pp September to June
Evening charters from 4 hours.

Sometimes to recharge, all that’s needed is a different view. Take in a choice of secluded beaches, islands or the city skyline while watching the sun slowly slip below the horizon. A Swan River Cruise will take in all of this, or ask the Skipper what the best site is for the conditions on the day.

Recline on the sun deck or take a refreshing dip in places unseen by most. Let the crew cook you a BBQ dinner or sip on a favourite drop with snacks.

This is a special way to end the day with friends and family or to start the night before being delivered to a Jetty near your restaurant or venue of choice.

Mother and Baby Quokka captured at Rottnest Island booking office by Salty Dragon

Mother and Baby Quokka by Salty Dragon

Meet the Quokka
Rottnest express ferry from $30pp.
Private charter from $180pp for 12 passengers.

Wadjemup or Rottnest Island is Perth’s island gem. After a dark history, it has become a paradise escape and tourism hotspot. It’s isolation from predators on the mainland has seen the Quokka colony thrive.

You might remember seeing celebrities and friends alike sharing selfies with the happiest marsupial on the planet. Meeting these furry, friendly creatures is easy as they freely roam the island and aren’t phased at being approached by people at all.

The #Quokkaselfie Guide and Tourism Australia’s Guide to Rottnest are great resources if you’re planning to head to the area.

Large sections of the island are Marine reserves featuring stunning crystal clear waters, shipwrecks and unique marine life.


Moonshine II - Perth Sunset River Cruise

Moonshine II captured by Vehement Digital Concepts


What’s on your Perth Bucket List? Get in touch and let us know.