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Why the best time to dive in Perth is right now!?

a bird swimming in water

Western Australia

Its been an epic summer this year in Perth with what we have been seeing and NOW is the perfect time to dive. If you don’t have your Dive Certificate and been thinking of getting it…don’t put it off any longer! Perth IS a fantastic place to dive and we have been so lucky to be able to see such wonderful creatures over the past few months.



North Mole

Point Peron stunned us when we went just after Christmas for a snorkel to check out the Hammerhead sharks. Just 300m offshore, we had the privilege of spotting 20-30 gentile sharks who calmly graced us with there presence. A memorable morning for all and ticking off Hammerheads of the Bucket List.


North Mole continues to go crazy during a night dive with the spotting of Weedy Sea Dragons. Such elegant and beautiful creatures and also some fantastic night diving to find other critters such as eels, pipefish, and cuttlefish.

Sea Lion of Carnac

Carnac Island has had many fun interactions with the local Australian sea lions on our regular Thursday morning trips. Adorable creatures who just love to play and have fun with us-they are the local puppy dogs of the sea.

When we have been blessed with perfect weather conditions, Shark Cave has not left us disappointed. West end of Rottnest Island, is home to the ugly yet beautiful Grey Nurse Sharks. With perfect trim and buoyancy control



Want to join us and learn how to Scuba Dive? Join us for our next Open Water Course :

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