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What happen during our Komodo Dive Trip?

a pool next to a body of water

Wow! What an adventure!!!

As you all probably know, we just spent a week diving the magical Indonesian Islands surrounding beautiful Komodo National Park. Famous for some of the richest diving in the world and the rather large dragons. We couldn’t have picked a more perfect spot to take all 28 divers with us to show them some great ‘must-do’ diving.

After finally making it a small island town of Labuan Bajo, situated on Flores Island, we met up for afternoon drinks by the pool and a good feed before getting picked up and heading to our dive resort. The resort was a beautiful 1.5hr boat trip from Labuan Bajo, but still on the island of Flores, overlooking Komodo Island. Stunning ocean views with friendly faces, after a briefing about the resort and sorting out gear and rooms, we all headed to the bar for a much deserved Bintang. One of my favourite parts of the resort was no wifi! 🙂 This meant we could all enjoy each others company without phone disruptions and made meeting new friends with beers even more enjoyable.

Outstanding diving!

The following 4 days were early morning starts but when diving was on the agenda, no one was complaining. We were split into two groups and sent off to explore the parks in different boats. The first dive was fantastic…some lucky divers got to see Manta’s for there first dive on the trip. Lucky them! The days on the boat were spent relaxing between dives on beanbags on the top deck, eating delicious local food, sleeping and lapping up the sunshine and enjoying stunning scenery, everywhere you looked.

The top dive sites for the trip were The Cauldron for its fun currents and manta sightings (the snorkelers had a fantastic manta experience, swimming with 4-5 mantas in shallow water). Batu Balong, a pinnacle dive teaming with life. It was like being in an aquarium with so much to see including turtles, barracuda and beautiful corals. Castle and Crystal Rock were also fantastic dives with plenty of fish and sharks to see and some of us were lucky to see a dugong at Siaba Kecil. Everyone saw Mantas and for those who enjoyed the Muck Diving, there were nudibranchs, crabs, flamboyant cuttlefish, frogfish, ribbon eels and  ghost pipefish for there enjoyment.

Accommodation and dinner every night was back on land at the resort. Clean rooms with comfortable beds in all rooms with power to recharge the cameras again for the following day. A perfect spot to rest after a busy day. Dinner was in a large open air room by the sea and there was always plenty to go around. Options for vegetarians and vegans and we thoroughly enjoyed our pasta night and the spicy samba…yum!

Meet the Komodo Dragons

Our last day of the trip before parting ways, was a visit to Rinca Island, home to the Komodo dragons. Looking straight out of a Jurassic Park film, these incredible creatures live on the island and our park rangers showed us around and gave us information about there nesting, mating and eating habits. Did you know baby dragons live in the trees to save them from being eaten? There was a stunning view during our walk, looking over the islands making up Komodo National Park. A great spot to get some last minute photos.

Sadly our time has come to an end at Komodo and we all had a fantastic time. World-class diving for anyone who wants to see the bigger stuff-mantas, sharks, turtles etc but also for those Macro divers who enjoy shifting through sand to spot the little critters. Big thank you to everyone who joined us on the adventure and for Scuba Junkie Komodo for managing a big dive group so well and with ease.

So who’s joining us again next year so we can do it all over again? Let us know what you think in the comment down bellow!