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Seahorses Galore in Rockingham

a fish swimming under water

With the winter weather being absolutely stunning so far, Instructor Kate and Divemaster Hayley decided to check out a new dive site we have yet to explore.

Palm Beach Jetty, Rockingham is a great dive site from what we found from our one 47min dive. Easy access with plenty of parking, toilet and shower facilities, and a short distance walk to the platform to the right of the jetty for very easy access by giant stride.

Gentile sloping bottom starting at 5m and reaching 15.5m at the end of the jetty, maybe we were exceptionally lucky today because the vizability was more than 10m.

What did we see?

If you want to look for seahorses…this is the place for you!!! At first one or 2 and then they were everywhere. Couples huddled together and we even saw a pair mating which was special to see (not sure if they enjoyed us watching them). Also a green eel, pufferfish and plenty of nudibranchs.



Who would enjoy this dive site?

If you are looking for something different that you have not done yet, I suggest giving it a try. We had a great dive and I will certainly go back again. If you want to see seahorses and have an easy dive without having to lug all your gear too far then this is for you.  Great for beginner divers. Looking forward to going back again soon.


Feel free to join us on any of our upcoming dive trips