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Dive Rottnest Island! – new sites “The G Spot” and an exhilarating advanced site “the Plateau”

a fish swimming under water

Why we’re so excited about finding these new sites for when you next join us to dive Rottnest Island!

Perth divers will be familiar with “Shark Cave” and the “Opera House” (aka the Nurse’s quarters). They’re spectacular sites where advanced Perth divers are lucky enough to reliably encounter Grey Nurse Sharks any time of year, all in a short boat ride from Fremantle.
The Grey Nurse Sharks can be observed sheltering under the protection of a limestone overhead structures, covered in gorgeous sponges, corals, and kelp. (Read our feature on diving with Grey Nurse Sharks here)

On a crew day to celebrate the end of season, Skipper Antoni decided to explore…

Image of Moonshine II from below the water - silhouette of a boat outline surrounded by blue water

As soon as the crew reached the bottom, they were greeted by shelf like caverns, dropping down to a max depth of 17 meters, they began to explore peering in under the shelves which were only around a few meters from floor to ceiling, some stretching lengthwise over 10 meters before opening to let more light pour through from the surface.

Under water cavern - the G spot

Very quickly the crew realised they were not alone. The caverns were occupied by Grey Nurse Sharks, leisurely circling in the shadows.

This new Shark observation site is particularly exciting because of the location and depth. It is more sheltered from current than shark cave and, at less than 18 meters, is a much more relaxed, longer dive. It also means when the weather is no good for shark cave, there is another option to dive Rottnest Island and observe the GNS.

Time will tell if the site is a regular favourite of the Grey Nurse Shark but initial signs are good. The below pictured shark recorded as F157 was reported at a near-by site in 2018. At the time it was spotted with fishing tackle attached to it’s mouth which was skilfully removed in 2018 by Paula (don’t try this at home kids).

F157 Grey Nurse Shark at the G spot

Shark F157 on 18 April 2021 – Female Grey Nurse Shark

Here you can see the before pictures from 2018 and the line recovered from Shark F157’s mouth.

Shark F157 - GNS at Rottnest Island Dive with Fishing tackle coming out of it's mouth


Also introducing “the Plateau”

Advanced divers can rejoice too, dive two on the crew day saw the divers braving the current to descend  pulling themselves down a line to 23 meters where un underwater mountain appeared. Covered in life the structure rose up to around 12 meters and featured several swim-throughs hiding crayfish and western blue devils. A GNS was spotted cruising past and the second group were greeted by a huge smooth Ray just before the end of their dive.

“This dive was a joy, the plateau structure provided shelter from the current and was effectively a wall dive. Navigation was easy, we circled the formation gradually, exploring the life and caverns that dotted the structure. I’d happily go back to explore the site again but wouldn’t recommend it for in-experienced divers”.

What are you waiting for? book a dive at Rottnest Island today! Or, book an advanced course to unlock beautiful new sites.