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Commonly asked “stupid” questions in Scuba diving/Snorkelling


What are some “stupid” questions about scuba diving?

We hear it all the time “I have a stupid question” and sometimes it not actually all that stupid. Save yourself the embarrassment and have a read of our top “stupid questions”:

Can I still go Scuba diving/Snorkeling while its raining?

Yes! Of course you can still go underwater when its raining. After all, you are going to get wet anyway. As long as the wind and swell are good then you are good to go. You might want to take a jacket for when you are out of the water in case you get cold, especially when on a dive boat.

Will sharks eat me if I have my period?

There is no real evidence to indicate sharks will more likely go for those women who are in the water at this particular time of the month. If you feel comfortable being in the water then don’t let it stop you. Hundreds of female dive instructors dive all the time without any issues. A great article with more information is here:

Can I learn to Scuba Dive if I can not swim?

It is not necessarily a requirement to be able to swim to be able to enjoy scuba diving. If you cannot swim, the option for you is to do a Introduction/Discover Scuba Dive. You will have a dive Instructor looking after you the whole time and they will be steering you around underwater showing the awesome marine life. As long as you are comfortable in the water and can do a few skills like clearing water from your mask, removing and replacing your regulator from your mouth and inflating your BCD at the surface. To be able to be a certified scuba diver, its a requirement to be able to swim 200m non stop and tread water for 10min. If you cannot do this then stick with a Introduction dive!


Are the fish going to touch me?

In general fish don’t like bubbles and they will give you space. Some fish can be territorial and come and say hi and maybe give you a little poke but as long as you don’t poke them back they will leave you alone. Its always encouraged not to touch the wildlife and leave them to doing there own thing.

a person in a swimming pool

Can senior people Scuba Dive?

Scuba diving is for all ages from 14 years of age up until 100 or more. If you are thinking you might be too old for Scuba diving there is a few things to consider. Firstly get a dive medical done by a local dive doctor to rule out if there’s any health reasons why you cant dive. Secondly ask yourself if you think you are fit and capable of diving. Can you carry 25kg on your back and walk 200m? (some places you will need to be able to do this is shore diving is going to happen) Are you agile enough to be able to swim 200m non stop and tread water for 10min and be able to bend over to remove fins from your feet and tow other divers on the surface. Dive instructor Kate has taught a 91 year old how to Scuba dive and she loved it!!!