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Best time of the year for Scuba diving Perth and Rottnest island


When is the best time of the year for Scuba diving Rottnest island and surrounding areas?

You would think that the best time of the year for Scuba diving in Perth would be summer, right? Although summer is when the sea is the warmest temperature and the sky’s are blue there is also other great times for scuba diving in Perth’s local shore dive sites and Rottnest island. You can dive in Perth year round as most locals do.



A favorite time for diving for most Perth locals, this time of the year the water temperature is a nice 17-24 degrees, the winds tend to be low and vizability good. Its perfect boating weather and stillĀ  a steady time of the year for diving. Water clarity tends to be the best this time of year also. If sharks is what you are into seeing then this is the best time of the year to see the Grey Nurse Sharks as it is there peak season.

Grey Nurse Shark

Grey Nurse sharks at Rottnest island



This is when the water temperature is at its coolest which is why only the toughest of divers tend to dive during this season. The water temperature on shore dives gets to as low as 14 degrees and at Rottnest 16 degrees. Days during winter can be hit and miss. Some winters we have beautiful days with flat seas and low wind and swell and its a pleasure to dive. Other days it can be wet and miserable. Winter 2021 was a terribly long winter with unusual high wind and swell. Its a good time of year to do shore dives also as you can do a dive and rug up afterwards and head home for a hot shower.




Our favorite time of the year for diving. Often low wind and swell makes for the best diving. The water temperature starts to pick up to 20 degrees and the sun is shining. There is often days with the best vizabilty up to 30meters and a good chance to go to our favorite dive sites such as ‘Shark Cave’ and ‘Opera House’. It is also Humpback whale season from August-December and we often see whales on our way to and from Rottnest island and you can hear them singing during a dive.

a whale jumping out of the water

Image by Jolynda Ein Hui Lim



Summer is the busiest months for obvious reasons. Its the hottest months both in and out of the water (water temperature reaching 24 degrees), blue sky’s and holidays for most people over the Christmas break. It is also the windiest time of the year with beautiful mornings and by 2pm the “Freo Doctor” wind comes in to cool everyone down (often making the trip home from Rottnest island a bit more challenging then the start of the day).


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