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Carnac or Rottnest…what to choose?

a large body of water

In Perth on holidays or a short stay or tossing up which island to spend a day on?

How to choose the perfect Island escape.

Rottnest Island vs Carnac

From Fremantle, it is a 45min boat ride until you reach the beautiful turquoise waters of Rottnest Island (better known as Rotto).  Rottnest Island has numerous swim-throughs and various depths ranging from as little as 5m-40m and plenty of dive sites to explore. Here you can explore a number of wrecks or if certified to 30m, on a good day we try and head to ‘Shark Cave’ the best dive site at Rottnest Island. Its possible to stay at Rottnest Island overnight and we can drop you there for an extra fee so you can explore the land side of things and get a Quoka selfie.


Carnac Island is a great trip which can be done as a half day trip or a full day. Only 30min from
Fremantle it’s a great spot for a dive and snorkel. If you’re not really into snorkeling, you will be once you see the adorable Australian sea lions! These cute guys often come and say hello and allow us to snorkel and play with them. The shallow waters surrounding Carnac Island make for a great spot for shallow diving. A max depth of 10m, its perfect for beginner divers or those who like some easy diving. Plenty of swim-throughs to explore and a beautiful Island to spend a morning or the day.

If you still can’t decide on which Island to choose…why not do both? Get in touch with us to see what package deal we can do for you


Trips to Rottnest and Carnac Island with Bucket List Diver happen all year round. You can book online, email or call us

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