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A Scuba Divers List of New Year’s Resolutions

a person swimming in the water

It’s that time of the year where we all vow to improve on ourselves and get a fresh start. There’s always the usual:

loose weight, quit smoking, drink and eat less…but what about for us divers?

Here’s a list of our own that we have come up with that only seems too appropriate:

Resolution #1

I will ACTUALLY take that refresher course and start diving again this year


Resolution #2

I will not have any drinks the night before a dive



Resolution #3

I will visit a new local dive site I’ve been meaning to do for years

Wobbegong Shark

Resolution #4

I will dive more often to help manage stress/anxiety


Resolution #5

I will help on a clean up dive event at least 3 times this year

australia day clean up


Resolution #6

I will get another certification: Deep diver, Advanced course, Rescue course


Resolution #7

I will finally edit all my underwater photos and videos

Trevalley is Raja

Resolution #8

I will learn a new skill…maybe underwater photography?

Anemone in Sorong


Resolution #9

I will finally start saving for my dream dive destination

pygmy seahorse

Resolution #10

I will come back to the dive boat after a dive without having to be picked up