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The Lena Dive

Quick Details

Diver Ages 14+

Discover the Lena dive wreck

Perfectly sunk at 18 meters, any certified diver can visit this well-known wreck. Some windows have been cut into the hull to make the penetration easy and safe for all divers. Visit the engine room, be on watch in the wheelhouse or enjoy a break on the upper deck. The Lena wreck is fully accessible.

With visibility around 10 meters and rich fish life such as Wobbegong shark, scorpionfish, batfish and many more, you’re sure to enjoy a memorable experience. We will do a double dive on the wreck.

We do not include lunch on the trip, so please bring some snacks. There will be a divemaster/instructor on board to brief you, but the dive is non-guided.


  • I have my own gear and 1 tank but need another tank: $15.00 (AUD)
  • I have all my own gear but need 2 tanks: $30.00 (AUD)
  • I need a full gear rental $60.00 (AUD)