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Winter Dive at Ammo Jetty

It was a calm yet overcast winter morning on Monday 7th July yet we had a keen and enthusiastic diver happy to join us for a fun dive at Ammo Jetty. Meeting at the car park, Kate went off to check the conditions while Antoni got started on setting up the gear and were not long joined by our diver Christine. It wasn’t the first time Christine had dived with us and it was nice to be diving again with a familiar face.

refresher on land

We got all geared up and Antoni gave a thorough briefing and off we went for the walk from the car park to the beach where we donned our fins and went under. With all the rain and wind we’ve been having we didn’t expect much in the way of vizability but it wasn’t too bad and we shortly found some nudibranchs’ and seahorses.  A rather fresh dive of 16 degrees but still bearable in a 5mil wetsuit and hood we found roughly 6-7 seahorses, 1 octopus, numerous nudibranch’s, crabs and a couple of eels. After 40min it was enough and we were starting to get cold and so we made our way to the surface and back to the beach and the carpark.

diver underwater

Lucky for us we had hot tea waiting for us in the car and it was nice to warm up the hands and feel something hot doing through the body.

It was yet another nice shore dive and sharing it with our new diver was enjoyable and we got to see plenty of great creatures and have some quiet time under water.

Want to join us for a shore dive to Ammo Jetty and look for the resident seahorses and octopus? Get in touch and we will make it happen at or 0439954468