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Visiting the rarest of Sea Lions

friendly sea lions

We are so blessed in Perth, Western Australia to have such rare marine life we can go visit, just a short boat ride from Fremantle. Home to the rarest Sea Lions in the world, the Australian Sea Lions are adorable and often friendly who seem to enjoy visits from us. So where can we go to spot these cute mammals?

Where can we see the Australian Sea Lions?

During the non-breeding season you will find up to 12 male Australian sea lions lying on the beach enjoying the sunshine or swimming in the shallow bays at beautiful Carnac island. Every 17 months the young and keen males swim 200km north of Perth to breed for the next 4-5 months before returning to the bachelor pads at Carnac. Often the sea lions come and say hello when we drop anchor on Moonshine2 and if they are in the mood, they might swim over to say hello while we are out snorkeling.

a close up of a sea lion


How can we help protect the Australian Sea Lions?

Sadly the low numbers of Australian sea lions are due to human disturbances. Boat traffic leading to stress and injuries, entanglement of fishing net and debris are a big problem but also climate change affecting there breeding and fishing sites is also a problem. When visiting Carnac island it is important to stay off the island to give the boys some space and a break, keep your distance and DO NOT TOUCH THE WILDLIFE. Always take your rubbish home with you and if you are fishing in the area, remember to take home all your nets and fishing line with you.


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