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Meet the Crew-Instructor/Chef/Captain

a person wearing a helmet

I grew up on a small island called Reunion, between Madagascar and Mauritius and was so lucky to have a house right by the beach in a small town. I spent every day at the beach when I was a kid, playing in the waves, snorkeling and enjoying the sunshine in a beautiful place.

I always knew I wanted to work in diving from when I was young but never thought it would be possible. The older I become, the more difficult it seemed… it’s not easy to get a job in Scuba Diving in France and it seemed out of my reach.

When I turned 16, my brother took me diving with him and I experienced diving for the first time on an introduction dive near my home town and I loved it! It felt so natural to me, as I had spent so much time in the sea from such a young age and when I went home and raved about my experience to my parents, they bought me my Level 1 course (the same equivalent as Open Water). I wasn’t scared or nervous and I remember swimming through schools of fish with amazing colours and interesting structures under the sea.

Day 2 of the PADI refresher course

It wasn’t until many years later that I did my Advanced course in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico that I really got hooked on diving. While traveling through Central America I heard about a place in Honduras, Utila and so I headed off to do my Rescue and Divemaster training. I was one step closer to reaching my dream! After completing my Divemaster internship, I moved back to France where I completed my Instructor course and shortly after, moved back to Utila to work as a Dive Instructor. I did it!!!

While in Honduras I met Kate, my business partner/life partner/better half, and at the time she was doing her Divemaster training. I soon became her mentor and helped her pursue her dream. For the next 4 years we spent our lives traveling together, working in several different countries and gaining enough experience to feel it was time to open our own business…Bucket List Diver.

For the last 3 years working on Bucket List Diver and watching the business grow, I have sat my Coxwains Course which enabled me to become skipper and buy our dream boat in November 2018. I love being out on the water and exploring new dive sites…although when the days are beautiful and the divers return from there dive to tell me what they saw, I do get jealous at times.

Diving is a massive passion of mine and I look forward to the next few years to see where Bucket List Diver takes us and where we end up.