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Kate goes floating at the Life Spring

Kate is floating

It was a cold evening and no good for diving so I thought I would try something new. A good friend of mine at The Life Spring Float Tank Centre, in Cockburn suggested I come and try a 1-hour float session.

Being my first time I wasn’t sure what to expect. Lying still in complete darkness, without a sound while floating sounded like what I needed after a busy lifestyle. But could I really lie still for 60 minutes?

Walking through the door of the Life Spring I went with an open mind and open to the idea of relaxing (something I’m not very good at). After the payment and paperwork were done I was shown to my room with the ‘pod’. A white, egg looking contraption was in the middle of a very clean room with shower in one corner and towels neatly folded in the other. Soft music was playing and it was very cozy and inviting and I just was ready to jump in.

Life Spring

60 Minutes in the dark


Firstly we did some fun photos for our Facebook page with me wearing fins and my dive mask. It was a good giggle and hopefully, we didn’t disturb the other customers with our silly antics.

Next steps: get naked (yes you float naked), shower, put ear plugs in, and slide into the warm water and relax. The salt water will allow you to float and the hardest part is to relax and not think. Oh and to not get the salt water in your eyes because that stings (which I found to be very true).

So I slid on in and it was warm and I shut the lid. It was like being in your own little cocoon bubble, floating around and not being able to sink. At first, I have to admit, I spent the first 10 minutes or so, just laying bouncing off the sides, stretching, trying to get comfortable and discovering I have lots of little cuts that were enjoying the burning sensation of the salt.  

After some time I told myself to relax. Think of nothing. Stop messing about and enjoy floating. Switch the brain off Kate. Oh, what will I have for dinner? How long have I been in here for? I really should do the washing. It’s so dark and quiet in here. Floating is a relaxing experience

Floating is a relaxing experience


Kate is floating

Then the music came on. Relaxing, soothing music. Wait what? Was that it? Did I fall asleep? I’ve not been in here for 60min? Turns out I must have nodded off for at least 20 minutes and my last 5 minutes was coming to an end. Time to lift the pod door and back to reality.

Shower time and rinsing off the salt water and feeling pretty wrinkly by this stage (but in a good way) then I got dressed and heading out to the relaxing next room where I sat and enjoyed a cup of herbal tea.

I was certainly more relaxed than when I arrived and I was happy to have made a late appointment so I could just slip home and into bed for a good night sleep. I can recommend floating for everyone. It was relaxing and calming and I’m not the type of person who is good at yoga or meditation and switching the brain off but I think I managed to. It was a good experience and if you’re looking for something to do on a rainy day, a treat for your mom or wife or even for the boys, it’s something everyone can enjoy and love.