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Everything you need to know about Diving with Nurse Sharks at Rottnest Island

a fish swimming under water

If Scuba diving with Great Nurse Sharks is on your Bucket List then look no further then diving with us at Shark Cave, west end of Rottnest Island

Shark Cave Rottnest island

How do I get there?

Rottnest Island is accessible by boat from Fremantle. Our boat MoonshineII takes you directly to the dive site and we make a full day out of it, including tea and coffee, lunch and snacks and a free dive guide.

What certification level do I need?

Shark Cave is a deep dive site with the shallowest section being 10m and the bottom of the cave 25m. It is recommended you have your Advanced ticket to be able to enjoy the dive. There can also be strong current at this dive site as it is exposed, so we require that you have been diving within the last 12 months and feel comfortable in the water.

When is the best time of year to dive with Nurse Sharks?

There is no better time to see Great Nurse Sharks, however it all depends on the weather! To be able to access the dive site, we need the weather gods to be on our side. Low wind and swell forecast is what we look out for as well as checking the current before jumping in for a dive. Usually the best time to get here is during the months of September-November and April-June

Are they dangerous?

We visit the Nurse Sharks in there natural environment, where we are in there home. Great Nurse Sharks are not known to attack humans and rarely attack and if they do it is in defence. The best way to approach the sharks it to give them time to get used to you, and give them time to come to you. Never touch, tease or harass any wildlife!

How do I sign up?

If you want to join Bucket List Diver for a great day out diving Shark Cave, keep an eye on our Facebook page HERE or join our mailing list and we will be in touch when the day arrives. Click HERE to subscribe to our newsletter