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Bucket List Diver family get a new member!

a group of people standing next to a body of water

Congratulation to our new certify Open Water Scuba Diver. This weekend, Fay joins us for our 2-day Open Water course and became a diver that we are proud to give her ticket!

First Day at the Pool and first dive

Fay started her course with a bit of online theory that she completed at her place without having hours to spend in a classroom. Then she met us the Saturday morning for our first pool session. Before getting wet, we did a quick review of the course and the Six Rules Of Scuba Diving and tried some dive gear.
In the water, we got through all the mask skills without any trouble and we spent a long time focusing on her buoyancy control. After a second session, with a focus on out of air emergencies, we were ready for our first dive!

While we were exploring the wreck, she could understand why we spent so much time working on buoyancy control, a few kick in the sand will easily drop our visibility. But not enough to hide from us the nice crabs population, the puffers and the local dusty morong during that 40 minutes dive.

Second day : let’s get to know some local site

For our second day, the weather was quite good. Antoni decided to show off some site that Fay could dive after her Open Water Course. We started with the Rockingham Dive Trail for a 42-minutes dive, where we saw a couple of shipwreck and also an old plane! We then moved to the grain terminal for a 30 minutes dive, by then her buoyancy control was quite impressive for a new diver. My highlight of the dive was that small cuttlefish, flashing different colours.

After that, we came back to Ammo Jetty, where Kate meets us for a BBQ. We took some time to log our dive and we calculated Fay’s SAC (Surface Air Consumption) to allow her to plan her dives properly. We finish the day with a last dive at Ammo Jetty; we got lucky and found a small sea horse.

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