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Antoni’s Western Australia Bucketlist

Hello divers and future divers,

as a way to introduce ourselves, I think there is no better way to give you our first Scuba dive Bucket list. That’s I, Antoni, who is going to start the tradition of sites I like to dive (again) in Western Australia. For Open Water diver to Advance Diver, from cold wter to tropical, Western Australia offers a gigantic choice of dives.Busselton Jetty

My top list of dive sites in Western Australia

  • Abrolhos Island (to be done)
    • You might have heard of the Batavia wrecks and its sordid stories. That’s is where it sunk! Shallow reef almost untouched 60km from Geraldton. Beside the amazing fish and coral life, it also a protected place for seabirds.
  • Ningaloo Reef (done)
    • From Coral Bay, you can explore one of the longest fringing reef in the world. With its annual whale shark and whale migration, with its population of Mantas and traveling dugongs, Ningaloo Reef is a good place to spent our cold WA winter.
  • Key Biscane (to be done)
    • It is one of the wrecks, I am craving to discover. In 1983, during the tow of that oil rig, a cable snap in a treacherous sea, condemning it to become an exciting dive rig. A population of Grey Nurse Shark is present on that deep dive from 46 to 22 meters.
  • Busselton Jetty (done)
    • When you visit Busselton take your time to visit that historic jetty. The last 50 meters of it are an awesome dive site with quantity of life and easy access by boat or walk (2km)
  • HMS Swan (done)
    • Wreck always attracts divers and this one is no exception. At 30 meters, the Swan is quite a giant war boat that has been prepared for diving thanks to nice cut through the hull.

That’s all for now. Western Australia is a huge territory and without a doubt, I will add other dive sites to my list when I will meet some of you.