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5 things you can do NOW to keep in diving

skipper and divemaster

Diving might be off the cards for some of us but don’t worry…it will be back!!!

Here is a list of 5 ways you can still  be involved in diving (even without getting wet)

1. Start doing your online section for your next dive course.

Not yet certified to do your Open Water course or been thinking about taking the next step?
Now is the perfect time to start! Each dive course is conducted of both online theory and practical diver training.
If you have the internet and a computer then you can sign up to do the study and learn the practical later.
A great way to not only pass the time while in isolation, but you will learn something new and fun.


2. Plan your dream dive holiday

Where would your dream dive holiday be? Diving in the tropics visiting beautiful clear blue seas or ice diving
in Antarctica? Research and dream about it.

3. Improve yourself on each dive
If you are still fortunate enough to be able to dive at the moment, learn a new skill or improve yourself each dive.
Work on your navigation and buoyancy. Maybe learn photography or if you are still nervous at removing your mask when you dive,
practice and become better at it. At the moment here in Perth, the rules are to dive with just yourself and a buddy. Help each
other and allocate a dive to working on something you are lacking.

our divemaster

4. Organise your dive gear
If you’ve always been too busy to twerk your gear to how you really want it to be, now is a better time then any.
Fix those zippers or adjust those straps. What about writing your name on your gear or getting creative and drawing on your

women diver fist bumping

5. Book a dive trip for when this is all over
So 2020 hasnt been the best start lets face it. But there will be a time when we will be able to dive again and enjoy
going out on a dive boat with our dive buddies. Why not get excited by the future and book a local dive trip. It doesn’t
have to be anywhere big but you will be excited to have something to look forward to. Not only that but you will be helping
to support a dive business while times are slow.